Saturday, May 3, 2014

New ASUS VivoBook Design Leaked!

Two new touchscreen ultrabooks have been leaked through the FCC: The ASUS VivoBook TP300L (13-inch) and N542L (15-inch version). What's new about them? They fold at a 360-degree angle:

ASUS VivoBook TP300L
And the 15-inch version:

Asus VivoBook N542L

These two are Intel powered Haswell laptops and feature USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, SD card reader, volume control, audio jack, Kensington Lock.

Obviously the only thing that comes close to this design is the highly successful Lenevo Yoga Flex series that folds at a 270-degree angle:
Lenevo Yoga Flex (270-degree)
Which basically functions as a kickstand. The hinge somewhat reminds me of Fujitsu's Wacom-pen enabled TabletPC's such as the LifeBook line:

As you can see the hinge is more versatile, it allows you to turn and fold the screen on top of the keyboard. And the last one, as a comparison, is Sony's Flip Book touchscreen design which has a folding screen, not exactly a hinge:

I'll post more details when they emerge. Stay tuned!

Source: Mobilegeeks

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