Thursday, May 29, 2014

ARM Powered 13-Inch Macbook Air

There's an interesting rumor circulating that Apple has been wanting to move away from Intel powered processors and use its own ARM based processors like it does on its iOS devices. A rumor from a french site, Macbidouille says that Apple is now in the testing phase of a new 13.3" Macbook Air notebook that is powered by "4 or 8 quad-core ARM 64 processors." and has a new keyboard with a large Magic Trackpad. The rumor also states that Apple is developing an iMac and a Mac Mini with the same ARM processors. Take this rumor with a grain of salt, Intel processors, in terms of processing power and speed are yet to be beat. An ARM-based processor inside the Macbook Air would definitely deliver a slimmer, lighter and more affordable alternative. Let's hope more rumors pop up soon, this one is an interesting one indeed!

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